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Who are the Portland Pickles?

Established in 2016, the Portland Pickles are a collegiate wood bat baseball team playing in the West Coast League.  Walker Stadium in Lents Park is the home field where the Pickles play ball from June to August, located in south east Portland Oregon.

Who is Dillon T. Pickle?

Dillon is our mascot, the greatest mascot in all the lands.  He loves to get out in the community and see his people and spreads joy wherever he goes.

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What's the story with "Raise the Chairs"?

Well, in 2016 pitcher Max Compton was hanging out in the bullpen. After the Pickles scored a run and "We like to Party!" started playing, he decided to raise up his chair above his head and start dancing for some reason. He says it was purely spontaneous, but it soon spread throughout the bullpen and then to the dugout. Once superfans Nana & Lance (Section 104 represent!) brought in homemade chair signs...well, you know the rest. Now, every time the pickles score, raising your chair is mandatory for all fans to signify celebration. “Raise The Chairs” has developed into merch items, 3D printed chairs, and even tattoos!

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What are the Gherkins?

The Portland Gherkins are a farm team established by the Portland Pickles Organization in 2020.  Their inaugural season was in the Wild Wild West League where they showed off some mad skills.

Who is Lil' P?

Lil' P was raised in the forests of Gresham with his cousin Gigi.  He recently emerged from his den to howl at the moon and cheer for the Gherkins.